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Deliver the standard of critical care

Tele-ICU provides 24/7 collaborative intensivist oversight

We’ve pioneered a fully collaborative

Afibi Beach Long Casual Party Blue Slim Dresses Maxi Dress Women's Through our team, technology, and evidence-based protocols, we address the key issues faced by ICUs. We have integrated with more EMR systems and aligned with more diverse hospital and system practices than any other partner. We support your critical care mission, respond to your ICU’s unique needs, and help provide the highest standard of care to your patients.


AICU Provides:

Beach Afibi Slim Dress Casual Maxi Dresses Women's Party Blue Long Intensivist-led care teams
Robust Patient Monitoring
Real-time ICU analytics
Client Services
Maxi Women's Casual Beach Long Blue Dress Afibi Slim Party Dresses
Integration of best practices
Complete 24/7 support
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Blue Slim Afibi Casual Long Women's Party Maxi Dresses Beach Dress Working together, we set a new standard for ICU success

  • Standard of Critical Care

    Put simply, our 24/7 care keeps more patients alive and keeps their families more at ease. They benefit from experience gained at 65+ hospitals across the country, drawing on a wide range of situations to address their condition.

  • Increased Responsiveness

    Our care teams are available at all times so patients get the care they need when they need it, not only when someone is available bedside. Nurses are supported to diagnose and treat critical conditions and your intensivists or hospitalists can do their best possible job with the knowledge their patients have constant care available to them.

  • Eliminate Costs

    Simply reducing the length of stay in the ICU by a full day for our average patient in 2015 saved our partner hospitals over $60 million in ICU costs. A study of 40 partner hospitals found decreased costs associated with staff turnover, compliance, readmissions, ICU capacity issues, and other challenges – resources better spent on staffing, expansion, or reinvestment.

  • Less Turnover

    Tele-ICU increases job satisfaction, which can reduce doctor and nurse turnover in the ICU. A recent study by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses showed extremely positive support of tele-ICU among nurses for a wide range of benefits, including their ability to improve patient care and to perform their job better and more easily.

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Intensive care is a complex, evolving, and nuanced practice, and we’re dedicated to using tele-ICU to solve its unique problems. Everything we do is based on the idea that collaboration between teams encourages providing the best care.

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Case Studies

A Team Approach to Successful Implementation

Advanced ICU Care and their large health system partner leveraged clinical and technical resources to successfully execute a large-scale tele-ICU implementation. Dresses Retro Polka Dress Sexy Maxi Dot Red Mclochy Vintage Neck V for Long Women 50s EZRp8nnxqw
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